Coastal Hydrology and Surface Processes linked to Air/Sea Modeling:
1st community of users workshop

26-27 September 2017


An emerging field of earth system research is the application of coupled hydrology, meteorology and oceanography models to coastal regions. Motivated by the need to predict coastal river flooding and associated hazards and impacts, several groups have undertaken the integration of hydrology models such as WRF-Hydro (NCAR) and HECHMS (Army Corps) into meteorological and coupled ocean/atmosphere prediction systems. Groups at NCAR and NRL are integrating their models (COAMPS/WRFHydro/ LIS/NOAH), and teams in the U.S., Europe and the Middle East are applying linked models to the U.S. east coast, Italian coast, west Africa, Germany, Turkey and Israel, among others. Related current efforts include the enhancement of land surface/soil moisture treatment, the representation of storm-water flows in urban settings and their effects, together with river runoff, on the marine ecosystem health. The projects cover diverse geographical settings (cities, mountains, deserts, tropics, highlands, islands) - each with distinguishing characteristics.

Given recent developments outlined above, we are conducting a 2-day workshop to gather developers and practitioners of coupled air/sea/hydrology/land surface models and land assimilation system. Features of existing and developing systems include unstructured grids, global relocatability, ensembles, data assimilation, and multi-model visualization. We will also include focused discussions to develop a community approach for advancing the applications and seamless integration of increasingly sophisticated models covering the coastal air/sea/land interface. These advanced models include embedded estuary models and sewer/storm-water models.

We anticipate as an outcome a workshop summary for publication in Eos or Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society. The publication will describe the research to date and stimulate further advances in high-priority areas.

Held at:

Royal Orchid/Rocamar hotel complex - Falésia Room
Travessa Vista da Praia, N.2
9125-039 Caniço, Madeira, Portugal
+351 291 934 600

Related Activities:

25 and 28 September, Madeira Island Testbed discussions
10:00AM – 5:00PM
Held at: Oceanic Observatory of Madeira (OOM) Edifício Madeira Tecnopolo
Caminho da Penteada 9020-105 Funchal, Madeira, Portugal
(+351) 291 721 216


Rui Caldeira (mobile) +351 968 369 066   |   Julie Pullen (mobile) +1 650 269 9394
Miriam de Jesus (mobile) +351 964 152 083   |   Hotel Royal Orchid +351 291 934 600


Day 26
Part I: https://youtu.be/tJE2tJ5JUn0
David Gochis, "Exploring the role soil moisture feedbacks in the North American Monsoon region" (NCAR)  Download program
Alfonso Senatore, "Linking SST representation to the forecast of small Mediterranean catchments hydrological response to extreme precipitation" (University of Calabria)  Download program
Pedro Miranda, "Improving WRF simulations of coastal storms with better water vapour initial fields from InSAR interferometry" (University of Lisbon)  Download program
Shaowu Bao, "Hydrological response of a S.C. river basin to an extreme rainfall event" (Coastal Carolina University)  Download program

Part II: https://youtu.be/1VHFbI1Rqzc
Rui Caldeira, "Madeira forecasting systems: Operational & Research perspectives" (Oceanic Observatory of Madeira)  Download program
Petros Katsafados, "The impact of rain on ocean wave evolution and its feedback to the atmosphere" (Harokopio University of Athens)  Download program

Part III: https://youtu.be/iiA-bgpUpRY
Julie Pullen, "Coupled air-sea modeling in island regions" (Stevens Institute of Technology)  Download program
Sue Chen, "Convective Initiation Sensitivity to the Presence of An Oceanic Barrier Layer" (NRL)  Download program

Part IV: https://youtu.be/7Ndqnffo8tY
Firas Saleh, "A Multi-Scale Ensemble-based Framework for Predicting Compound Coastal-Riverine Flooding" (Stevens Institute of Technology)  Download program
Nadia Pinardi, "The coupling of river flows with regional ocean models" (CMCC)  Download program
Emil Stanev, "Physical processes in straits and estuaries: Results from unstructured numerical modeling" (Helmholtz Zentrum Geesthacht)  Download program

Day 27
Part V: https://youtu.be/IUxK8gcK0Ss
David Gochis,"The NOAA National Water Model - Research to Operations to Research" (NCAR)  Download program
Sue Chen & Aubrey Dugger, "Coupled COAMPS-LIS-WRF-HYDRO Coastal Flood Applications –Preliminary Results" (NRL & NCAR)  Download program
Cheryl Ann Blain, "Moving Freshwater to the Ocean: Hydrology-Ocean Model Coupling" (NRL)  Download program

Part VI: https://youtu.be/hC_xVLYI8XQ
Vincent Fortin,“ A Water Cycle Prediction System for the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River" (Environment and Climate Change Canada)  Download program
Huw Lewis, "UK Environmental Prediction Towards integrated coupled predictions for the UK at convective scale" (UK Met Office)  Download program

Part VII: https://youtu.be/joN93oNHNHM
Linus Magnusson, "Components in the ECMWF earth model system applicable for coastal flooding" (ECMWF)  Download program
Alfonso Senatore,"EU COST Action Proposal: Two-way dynamically Coupled ocean-ATmospheriC-Hydrologic Modelling for Enhanced predictions –CATCH-ME" (University of Calabria)

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