Research Campaign OOM 2017


Radar Observations

Near Real Time data from two HF Radars installed at the Mariculture Centre of Calheta and Municipal Library of Câmara de Lobos. The radar is a CODAR SeaSonde Standard Range, with separate Transmit and Receive antennas, operating at 13.5 MHz. The data acquired has an average radial range of about 100km, and the system produces a new radial map each hour.


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B/O SOCIB Real-Time data from:

Remote Sensing Observations

Sea Suraface Temperature and Sea Surface Chlorophyll are MODIS products. Sea Level Anomaly and Sea Surface Currents are AVISO products

Sea Surface Currents Sea Level Anomaly Sea Surface Temperature Chlorophyll-A

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Observation Observation Zoom

Ocean Circulation Forecasts

MERCATOR IBIQV5R1 is an operational Global Ocean Circulation product, provided daily by 'myocean'. Variables are displayed over the bathymetric lines of 0-500m (each 100m); Plotted model variables include: i) Sea Surface Height (SSH); ii) Temperature; iii) Salinity; iv) ocean current vectors over flow speed. You can visualize maps in the approximate model-depths: 0,50,100,200,300,500,750,1000,1500,2000,2200 meters.

Temperature Salinity Speed & Vectors Speed & Streamlines

Depth (m):

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Forecast Forecast

COAWST Forecast

Coupled Ocean Atmospheric Wave and Sediment Transport Modelling System (+info)
ROMS - Salinity ROMS - Temperature ROMS - Speed (vectors) ROMS - Speed (streamlines) WRF - Temperature WRF - Winds

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Forecasts from


Bathymetric images extractes from SRTM-30 (30 arc-second resolution), displaying bathymetric lines from 0 to 2500m depth, every 250m.

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