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UCA Megan

Sub- and mesoscale processes in the Strait of Gibraltar:
The connection Trafalgar-Alboran

Physical oceanography dataset

The MEGAN project (‘Sub- and meso-scale processes in the Strait of Gibraltar: The connection Trafalgar-Alboran’), will study the transport, dispersion and distribution of organisms and dissolved materials and particles, (including micro-plastics) in the connection between the Atlantic Ocean and the Alborán Sea. The project is based on observations, remote sensing and hydrodynamic and biological modeling. MEGAN is co-coordinated by Prof. Carlos Garcia and by Prof. Fidel Echevarría on the biology side and by Prof. Miguel Bruno and by Prof. Agueda Vazquez, on the physics side.

University of Cadiz (UCA) is the coordinating institution, but the team is composed by researchers from the ‘Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas – CSIC’, ‘Instituto Hidrográfico de la Marina’, Malaga University, University of Southern California, ‘IEO-Instituto Español de Oceanografia’ , Monterrey Naval Research Laboratory and by the Joint Research Centre of the European Union.

Portuguese researchers from the Oceanic Observatory of Madeira (OOM) team-up with Brazilian colleagues from FURG (‘Federal University of Rio Grande’), to contribute with microturbulence measurements in the scope of this project. In this website we are compiling historical information and oceanographic forecasts to help plan the first in situ campaign.



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Ocean Circulation Forecasts - Megan

MERCATOR is an operational Global Ocean Circulation product, provided daily by 'myocean'. Variables are displayed over the bathymetric lines of 0-500m (each 100m); Plotted model variables include: i) Sea Surface Height (SSH); ii) Temperature; iii) Salinity; iv) ocean current vectors over flow speed. You can visualize maps in the approximate model-depths: 0,10,20,30,40,50,75,100,150,200,300,400,500,750 meters.

Sea Surface Height Temperature Salinity Speed & Flow

Depth (m):


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Satellite Observations - Megan

Satellite derived observations include: i) Sea surface height from AVISO; ii) Sea Level Anomaly (SLA), from AVISO iii) Sea Surface Temperature (SST), extracted from NASA’s ‘Group for High Resolution Sea Surface Temperature' (GHRSST); iv) Ocean Surface Currents derived from satellite altimeter and scatterometer data (OSCAR); v) Monthly averages of Chlorophyll-a derived from daily Level-3 standard mapped image (SMI) with 4.6 km resolution (MODIS-Aqua).

Sea Surface Height Sea Surface Temperature Sea Surface Currents Sea Level Anomaly Chlorophyll-A Chlorophyll-A Daily


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